We have divided our commercial services and products into categories to help you find what you need quickly.

Solutions: Every Step of the Way

Regardless of whether you are building a new structure or renovating, our Commercial Electrical Service Specialist have the expertise and experience to provide the installation you require.

From project planning to project completion, we will help you determine which electrical products and services best meet the needs of your budget and business objectives.


Consider how these products can improve your business or project…

  • The latest workspace trends require network and internet access as well as A/V connectivity.  We provide flexible solutions that enable you to match or blend with office interiors, all while providing multiple access points for these necessary power, data, and USB connections for today’s open office.

  • Shops and retail establishments present their own unique set of challenges – minimize cost, maximize sales. Strict construction deadlines, tight budgets and unexpected changes require a technical infrastructure that is reliable, simple and quick to install. Reconfigurations and maintenance operations must be made easy to ensure a good level of service continuity. Pre-wired raceways offer a better way to add or extend power, communications and A/V with products that set new standards for installation ease, flexibility and performance.

  • For vertical wire and cable management, think choices.  Think flexibility.  Tele-power poles are a simple, cost-effective way to drop power and communications in any location away from a wall.  No matter what capability, finish, fit or style you need, we have a vertical solution for your project.


Solutions for Today … and the Future

Lighting can account for over 40% of the total energy consumed by commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings.  Let us show you how your lighting can provide high-performance and superior quality while saving energy and distributing the light evenly and efficiently.


Each lighting application is unique in demands for products that provide immediate solutions and future sustainability…

  • Retrofit dated, existing fixtures with new efficient lighting fixtures.  Whether you are interested in trimming your office lighting and cooling bills or making the warehouse a little brighter our Commercial Electrical Service Specialists can help.
  • Need to increase light levels to improve the working environment?  Before you consider adding more of the same type of fixtures you already have, be sure to contact us for recommendations.  We use before and after foot candle meter readings to make sure your light levels are where you need them to be for ideal safety, performance and energy efficiency.
  • Lighting controls automate lighting processes with a full range of energy management relay panels, occupancy sensors, and day-lighting controls for commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.
  • Achieve energy efficient lighting design for your parking lot and increase visibility and safety at the same time.  Our Commercial Electrical Service Specialist will work with you to achieve the best solution for your outdoor lighting project.  Contact us today!


It’s Smart Business

It can be a challenge to determine the best conservation steps to take in order to yield the greatest benefit for your business.  We will work with you to identify concerns and provide energy efficient solutions for your business.  By making smart decisions when it comes to utilizing energy saving products we can not only save the environment but save money as well.


Check out these energy efficient solutions designed to help you save energy and money, improve comfort and productivity, and contribute to your bottom line…

  • Manual lighting controls, including wall stations and personal remotes, let building occupants control their light, saving energy and reducing electricity demand.  Studies show that when employees are given personal light control they often prefer to dim the lights, increasing energy savings, and enhancing productivity.

  • Automate your lighting!  Occupancy sensors can automatically turn lights on when a space becomes occupied or vacancy sensors can dim or turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied.

  • Timers ensure that any lights in storage areas, utility rooms, restrooms, spas, and pool areas are on only as long as needed.



Protection for Life, Property & Environment

We maintain the highest of standards for safe working conditions and methods, while providing safety and security solutions that keep your business code compliant, safe and secure.


Life safety lighting design products are developed to comply with industry codes and standards–such as UL and NFPA, for multiple interior and exterior applications…

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for promoting legally enforceable standards which require the use of practices, means or processes that are reasonably necessary and appropriate to protect employees on the job.  Life safety lighting products such as exit signs, and emergency lights provide one such method of protection to employees, customers, and building occupants.

  • Lighting components recycling.  As stewards of the environment, we are dedicated to ensuring that lighting components are properly disposed of during retrofit applications. 

  • Parking lot lighting is an important aspect of any type of security illumination project.  Commercial businesses require effective parking lot lights to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.  Contact us today for an on-site consultation.